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Winter Meditation

You are walking along the edge of a lake in the middle of a forest.  It is winter and snow has dusted the evergreens beside you.  As you walk your footsteps crunch on the ground.  You are bundled in your warmest cloak, fur boots and the scarf and mittens your grandmother had made for you.  On your arm is a basket you wove in the summer and it is full as you have been collecting mistletoe and greenery for the home and hearth. 

You are now on your way home where you know your sisters will have warm soup and tea for you.

You look over across the lake and smile as you see a brown bear and her young on the opposite side of the lake.  They have not taken notice of you.  They are busy making their way up the bank and as you look higher you see an area in the rocks that must be their cave.  The bears look very fat and ready for a long winters sleep.

You turn off into the forest, onto the trail you have travelled time and time again.  You can hear many animals scurring about.  Looking to your left you see three deer chewing on some low branches.  Their coats are very thick and warm.  You must remember to bring dried apples and fruit the next time you come through and hang them in the branches. 

Further along a rabbit scampers across your path and dives into a burrow.  It pokes it's head out and twitches its nose, then down again it goes.

High above you you see a beautiful red cardinal fliting in the trees.  This makes you smile.  The red is a contrast to the brown, green, grey and white around you.  You hear it sing and somewhere in the distance a song of response is uttered.

Continuing on your path you notice the odd snowflake finding its way through the trees.  You pick up your pace.  Suddenly you hear many branches crunching over to your right. Startled you look up and see a moose rubbing its antlers on a tree. You try not to make sudden moves to startle it as you do not wish it to charge. Before you can start on your way though it trudges off in the opposite direction.  Awaking any animal that may have been resting near by.

You carry on your way and a black bird flys by your head, which makes you laugh as it was quite close.  You are happy that you weren't wearing any pins in your hair as it may have decided to steal one.  In the distance you can see the cottage you share with your sisters.  The smoke is billowing from the chimney.  Before you reach the edge of the forest and cross the gardens to your cottage you stop at an old stump.  It is from an old oak tree.  In the Spring it is covered in new life, with moss, baby trees, flowers and fungus.  Tofay though it looks brown and grey and it is hard to tell it will be a thriving ecosystem in the months to come.  You and your sisters leave offering here for the Tree spirits who protect the forest and your home. 

Your reach into your basket and pull out your offering.  You place it in a your special spot.  Just as you are about to get up, a warm breeze envelopes you and the trees begin to rustle.  The wind picks up and it is as if you can hear words on the wind.  What do you hear? 

Just as suddenly the wind dies down and the air becomes cooler.  The change in temperature runs a chill through you.  You gather your basket and run to the cottage so that you can warm up. 

As you place your hand on the door knob and turn the handle you come to your senses and are in the here and now. 

Stretch your fingers, toes, legs and arms.  Reach over your head and reach for the stars.  Open your eyes and be in the here and now to enjoy the coming winter with family and friends.

Autumn Storm 2014