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Our Sabbats

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Lammas 2023 


Raven presided over our Lammas ritual where we gave thanks for the bounty of the Earth and blessed our corn dollies.




Litha 2023

Freya presided over our Litha Sabbat where we sang as we planted sunflower seeds.  The Holly King won his battle with the Oak King and the cycle continues...


Beltane 2023


Ostara 2023


Imbolc 2023





This is the seasonal change where the first signs of Spring and the return of the sun are noted.  The first sprouting of leaves, the sprouting of the crocus flowers, etc.  In other words, it is the festival commemorating the successful passing of winter and the beginning of the agricultural year. This Festival also marks the transition point of the threefold Goddess energies from those of Crone to Maiden.


It is the day that we celebrate the passing of Winter and make way for Spring. It is the day we honour the rebirth of the Sun, and we may

visualize the baby sun nursing from the Goddess's breast.

It is also a day of celebrating the Celtic Goddess Brigid. Brigid is the Goddess of Poetry, Healing, Smithcraft, and Midwifery. If you can

make it with your hands, Brigid rules it. She is a triple Goddess, so we honour her in all her aspects. This is a time for communing with

her, and tending the lighting of her sacred flame.

At this time of year, we light multiple candles, white for Brigid, for the god usually yellow or red, to remind us of the passing of winter

and the entrance into spring, the time of the Sun.

This is a good time for initiations, be they into covens or self-initiations.