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I'm Oshun Rose and I am a 3rd degree High Priestess with Sacred Haven Coven and have been a member since 2010.  I attended my first ritual with the group at Mabon of 2009 and instantly felt like a missing piece fell into place.  The way that the Coven celebrated faith was very close to my ideals and I became a dedicated member in 2010.

In 2011 I obtained my 1st degree, my 2nd degree in 2014 and my 3rd degree in 2018.  I am thrilled to be part of this Coven and consider the women in Sacred Haven among the closest of my friends.  In 2019 my fiancée and I were very fortunate to be hand-fasted by the other Coven members in a beautiful outdoor ceremony.

I feel very blessed and grateful to be part of this incredible group of women.  Oven the last 11 years we have celebrated together, grieved together and gone through many life events.  I look forward to a long and happy future with my Coven Sisters.