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Ostara Meditation

Take a few deep breaths and relax your body.  Bring your awareness to the top of your body, starting at your head, and give yourself permission to relax.  As you breathe, release any tension.  Move from your head and neck into your shoulders and arms.  Relax and feel all the tension melt away.  Relax your chest and back.  Feel waves of relaxation move down your spine.  Relax your abdomen, lower back, and hips.  Relax your legs, down to your ankles and feet.  Feel the waves of relaxation sweep all that doesnt serve your highest good out through your fingers and toes, grounding and neutralizing this unwanted energy into the Earth, where She transforms it...

As you begin your journey you cross a spring meadow, the bright grasses sway in a light breeze, and the air is filled with the perfume of blooming flowers. You walk through the grasses until you are standing before a mighty oak tree at the meadows centre sit down in its protection...

As you sit down, you feel the Earth beneath you.

Slowly, with a feeling of safety and openness around you, you begin to settle into an opening in the Earth beneath you.

Slowly through the and feel yourself  settling deeper and deeper into the Earth.

As you settle you hear and feel the pulse of the Earth as it breaths with you......inhale and exhale...relaxed and safe.


Now open your inner eye and see before you a shimmering, pulsing, silver cord.  You begin to follow it for you know it will lead to your destination. A you move forward, you realize that this cord connects you to the Mother Gaia.

You are being drawn to Her and, as you continue you realize that the pulse you hear is Her heartbeat.

As you move forward closer and closer, you remember Her as She was at Samhain,when She left for Her journey below.

You remember Her in The glory of the Sun Child born at Yule.

You see Her again in the candlelight at Imbolc with Her promise of return. You remember the lessons She has given from her dark abode. And, now, as you feel and remember all of this, you find yourself standing in front of Her!

Look into Her eyes and know yourself. You receive Her blessing. She gives you a gift, a seed from the harvest past. Hold forth your hands and receive Her gift of life.

Go around and put a bulb in each sisters hand, close her hand around the bulb.

Now you must take them to be warmed by the Lord of the Sun, to receive His blessing, for without The heat of His light they will not sprout

She leads you to the veil between night and day. She tells you to go with Her blessing. She assures you that She is always there to protect you. she will be there when you return above.

Feel yourself being pulled toward the newly dawning sun on rays of rose gold, which become even more golden as you get nearer. You know that you are safe and relaxed for you travel with the blessings of the Earth Maiden.

You find yourself standing before the young Sun King in all His golden radiance. As He smiles, you see the promise and the glory of the season to come!

Slowly you extend your hand and show Him the seed that you have brought.

He looks upon the seed, and you feel the heat and power of His radiant blessing. The awakening seed absorbs His life-giving energy....

He tells you to go, to take your gift from the Lady, that was re awakened by His blessing, take it and  see to its planting and care in the world....

As He says this you start to become aware of the physical world. You close your inner eye and feel yourself rise until You feel the solid ground beneath you


Meditation Return

Rise until you become once more aware of the physical world around you........when you are ready open your eyes.

 Meditation adapted by Hazel from "Turning of the Wheel" by Stanley J A Modrzyk