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Dark Moon/Old Year – New Moon/New Year Spell

Black Candle in candleholder

White Candle in candleholder


2 sheets of paper


Cord or ribbon of a colour that you connect with.



This year the Dark Moon is on December 31, New Years Eve.  The New Moon arrives on New Year’s Day at 3:11 am (on our West Coast).  This spell can be started before the New Year’s celebrations begin and finished as soon as the New Moon has appeared or in the restfulness and sobriety of morning.


New Year’s Eve

Light the black candle and on one of the sheets of paper, make a list of all the things that have stopped serving you in 2013.  These are the things that you will be releasing.

As you give your list to an element (Earth – bury it, Fire – burn it, Air – rip it into bits and let the wind carry it, Water – pond, stream, ocean, lake, toilet) chant the following: (The “So Mote it Be” is only once, at the end)


Last Dark Moon of 2013

Thank you for all the good things that have been

Tonight, I ask you to remove from my reality,

These written down notes that I release with finality.

So Mote it Be!


Let the black candle burn until it is out. 


New Year’s Day

In the New Year, and under the guidance of the New Moon, light the white candle and make a list of the things that you want to bring into your life in 2014.


When you are finished, roll up the paper, tie the ribbon around it and chant the following thrice:  (The “So Mote it Be” is only once, at the end)


New Moon in this New Year,

I call on you to lend me an ear.

Please allow for me these good things to flow,

And my happiness and joy to grow.

So Mote it Be!          

Roll up your list and tie the ribbon around it and place it with your magickal work.  Let the candle burn until it is out.