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Mother Earth Meditation

 Come into an easy, comfortable seated position on the ground or on a blanket…making sure that your spine is held upright so that energy can easily flow.

 Take some deep, cleansing breaths – in through your nose and out through your mouth, releasing any mundane thoughts or emotions that you may be holding.

 You may wish to place your hands into the Mudra of Non-Resistance, with your sending palm facing down and your receiving palm facing up.

 Come fully into this time and this place. 

When you are ready, close your eyes.



Feel yourself rooting into the earth….see and feel strong, thick roots extending from your Muladhara, Root Chakra, down deep into Mother Earth.  Down, Down they go – perhaps winding themselves around the core that is Her essence.


Feel that strong attachment as you take a few more deep breaths.




Without opening your eyes, gently lay back on your blanket.  With your head in alignment with your spine and your legs stretched out, you may wish to stretch your arms out to the side so that your arm pits can breathe.  Turn your palms upwards.


Again, breathe deeply and feel yourself sinking into the support that is beneath your body….the support that is always there for you.  Rest in it.  Trust it.  Allow your entire being to let go and relax.  Perhaps you can feel Mother Earth reaching Her arms up to enfold you in Her embrace as She gently rocks you.




Now, again without opening your eyes, gently roll over onto your stomach.  You can stretch your arms out again, with the palms facing down as you turn your head to one side...resting your cheek on your blanket.  If that is not comfortable for you, you can bring your arms up, level with your shoulders, bending your elbows and stacking your hands on top of each other ( palms down), creating a pillow for your cheek.


Nestle into the body of Mother Earth as you continue to softly breathe. Feel your body breathing in rhythm with Her breath.


In and out.  Inhalation and exhalation.


Feeling your body softly rising with each inhalation and then sinking more completely into Her body with each exhalation.


Feeling your body rising and falling to the rhythm of Her breath.


Feeling that there is no distinction between your breath and Her breath…you are one.



Now, feel Mother Earth breathing into you.  Feel Her power, Her strength, pouring into your body.  Into your life.

 Accept this gift of life that She offers you.


Take a few more deep breaths and then respectfully disengage.


When you are ready, again without opening your eyes, come into a comfortable seated position….bringing your hands to prayer position at your heart chakra.


Silently give thanks.


And when we are ready, we will chant OM three times:







©Selah AponiSage 2012