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Mabon Sabbat


Mabon Sabbat occurs at Autumn Equinox, when the Sun enters the sign of Libra, usually around September 20 - 23.

At Mabon, day and night are in equal balance for a moment in time. We are poised upon the threshold of the waning Sun. From now on the days will grow shorter and the nights longer. We are harvesting our crops; we are reaping what we have sown, both physically and psychically.

Mabon is a good time to reflect upon, and appreciate the previous year. Because of the theme of balance, ideas of Karma, justice and tying up loose ends are appropriate.

In the Wheel of the Year, the God journeys to the Underworld and the Goddess grows older, She misses the God and follows him to the Underworld. As she withdraws her power the land begins to turn cold and wither.


Mabon Correspondences


Mabon Animals - Turkey Vulture, Blackbird, Stag, Owl, Eagle, Salmon, Pig, Wolf, Snake, Butterfly,

Mabon Colors - Orange, Dark Red, Yellow, Gold, Indigo, Violet, Maroon and Brown.

Mabon Gods - Cernunnos, Green Man, Dagda, Mabon ap Modrun, Arawn, Dionysus, Bacchus, Adonis, Osiris, Dumuzi, Tammuz, Mithra, Freyr, Thor,

Mabon Goddesses -  Persephone, Demeter, Pomona, Venus, Hathor, Isis, Inanna, Ishtar, Siduri, Ashtoreth, Durga, Freya

Mabon Incense - Benzoin, Cedar, Frankincense, Myrrh,

Mabon Plants - Acorns, Apple, Aster, Cedar, Chamomile, Corn, Gourds, Grapes, Hazel, Hops, Ivy, Milkweed, Nuts, Pine, Pomegranate, Pumpkin, Rose, Rue, Saffron, Sage, Solomon's Seal, Sunflower, Thistle, Tobacco, Vine, Wheat, Yarrow

Mabon Stones -  Amber, Citrine, Golden Topaz, Tiger Eye, Cat's Eye, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire,

Mabon Symbols -  Harvest, Thanksgiving,Cornucopia, Burial Cairns, Rattles, Sun Wheels

Source - Mabon - Kristin Madden

Mabon Incense


2 parts Frankincense
1 Part Myrhh
1 part Juniper
1 part Pine

Mabon Prayer


The Earth prepares for a great change.

Light and dark are equal today, but that will not last.

The Earth makes its way around the Sun

and takes us with it into the year’s dark half.

We travel with it,

Not in calm resignation,

But with wild anticipation of what dreams may be dreamt

in the night of the world.

May they be good dreams.

A Book of Pagan Prayer - Ceisiwr Serith


Mabon Karma Ribbon Spell 

Items needed:
One or more lengths of ribbon (color appropriate to your intention)
Felt pen or pen
Access to a tree

Mabon Sabbat is a time when day and night are in equal balance.  At second harvest we turn our thoughts to reaping what we have sown in the previous months. This idea doesn't just apply to crops, it also applies to your thoughts and actions.  Mabon is a good time to consider the Karmic effect of our actions, and to think about how we would feel on the receiving end.

Take some time to think of an action that you regret. Do not beat yourself up about it, we are all human and we all make
mistakes in our lives. Actions that we regret, that we carry around within ourselves cause blockages or Karmic attachments.
Through prayer, and with the use of Karmic Ribbons we will heal those blockages.

Hold the ribbon(s) in your hand and think about a situation or something that you've done that you regret.  Think about who was hurt. What part of the situation was your responsibility?  What do you need to heal? Imagine it clearly and have it strongly in your mind.

Imagine the ribbon filling with energy –radiating white light. Concentrate strongly upon the situation to be healed. Imagine
the situation strongly, and focus sending healing energy to it. Imagine the situation and everyone in it while you charge the
ribbon for their healing.

Now offer a prayer:

Mother Goddess, Father God, lend me Your strength that these things may be healed. Take the healing energy that I offer and
send it to where it is most needed in this situation -with harm towards none and in accordance with the free will of all.  As I tie my prayer(s) into the branches of this tree, I ask that my prayers shall be carried upon the wind –swift as thoughts and certain as rivers. May they be carried forward into manifestation as surely as the wind blows. As the flower gives rise to the fruit, and the fruit gives rise to the seed, so may this healing take effect. By my will and with Your aid –So Mote it Be!

Immediately tie your ribbon(s) to the trees branches.

Offer another prayer now:

Sacred Tree, I pray that my spell will be released into being. Sacred Tree, I pray that you will aid and guide this spell with
your strength born of the Earth. May the Wind, that blows through your boughs, carry the healing forward.  May the Sun
that energizes you, carry the healing forward.  May the rain that nourishes and sustains you, carry the healing forward. So
Mote it Be!

Source: Rev. Don Lewis

Revised by Rowan Morgana


 Mabon Autumn Leaf Spell 

Items needed:
1 large Autumn Leaves dry and ready to crumble
1 dip pen or felt pen
1 ink if using dip pen

At Mabon the world is balanced between light and dark and it is a good time to think about the balance that we maintain within ourselves.  We all have light and dark aspects, it is natural for all humans.  To deny or hide our darker thoughts and feelings gives them extra power and energy, for that which is hidden shall grow in the darkness and tip the balance. Light and Dark are not opposites, they compliment each other and it's important that you get to know and understand your
darker side.   

Spend some time considering your light and dark traits and when you are ready write your light traits on one side of the leaf and your dark traits on the opposite side.

When you are finished hold the leaf in your hands and visualize your thoughts becoming one with the leaf.  See the ink melting into the leaf sealing your thoughts within while you chant:

Dark and Light
Left and Right
Up and Down
Spiral Around

Once sufficient energy has been raised direct it into your leaf,then crumble it up in your hands and release it into the wind.
Rowan Morgana


Apple Ritual

Hold a freshly washed apple to your heart.  Reflect on the journey the apple has gone through…from seed, through soil, to tree and finally fruit.  Reflect on the origin of this fruit from the very first apple growers and say:

Behold the gifts of the ancestors.  Their work is my blessing.

Take a bite of the apple,    savoring it…….
On your next bite contemplate a blessing in your life.   Speak it (aloud or silently) and take another bite to seal it. Do this until the entire apple is consumed.  End by saying

For the nameless wonders of this sweet life, I give gratitude.  And so the wheel of the year turns once again, within me and around me.   Blessed be.

Spell a Day book submitted by Abel R. Gomez




Create a Mabon Blessing Tree.  Gather some dried branches, and place them in a vase.  Every day from September to Samhain write a blessing, prayer, petition or gratitude on a ribbon and tie it on to the Blessing Tree.  At Samhain take the branches with ribbons still attached and burn on the Samhain bonfire.

"Release, release, release -

Goddess take these Blessings into your heart. " RM 2017