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How to Magickally Charge Jewellery


Many symbols such as a Pentacle, Ankh, Celtic Cross etc., have ancient significance and therefore possess a magick of their own. To Increase the power of your Ritual Jewellery, Talisman or Amulet you can easily empower or “charge” them to your purpose.




1.    The first step before starting any magick is to know exactly what you want. Think about what meaning the jewellery will have for you and the magickal power you expect it to amplify while you’re wearing it.
2.    Think of a petition or positive statement that you can say aloud such as: “This Talisman shall bring me ________________.”
3.    Research the magickal correspondences that match your desire:
     a.    Day of the Week
     b.    Phase of the Moon
     c.    Candle Colour
     d.    Essential Oil or Oil Blend to anoint your candle
     e.    Rune or Symbol to carve into your candle
     f.    Herbs to add extra power to your spell
     g.    Incense
     h.    Crystal or Stone – cleansed and empowered with your intention.

Now you are ready to begin Charging your Jewellery. Make sure you have all your ingredients at the ready.  Cleanse your jewellery by placing it in Holy or Moon water, or by holding it under running water.  Envision all energies whether positive or baneful washing away, continue until your feel your jewellery is “clean” and pure.

1.    Begin by casting a simple Circle. Take deep breaths and imagining your feet rooting into the ground like a tree.  Then stretch your hands upwards and imagine they are reaching up to the sky.  Hopefully you will begin to feel energy flowing through you, but don’t worry if you don’t.  You can then imagine a circle of swirling energy growing in strength between your outstretched arms.  Bring your arms down so that they are stretched out on either side then circle clockwise three times. While you are circling imagine a bubble of protective energy encircling you.
2.    Carve your Rune or Symbol into the candle and anoint it with oil.  
3.    Light the Candle and sprinkle the herbs in a circle around it. Be careful not to get them too close to the flame.
4.    Place your crystal or stone in front of the candle.
5.    Light your incense.
6.    Take a few deep breaths and focus your mind on your intention.
7.    State your intention out loud.
8.    Hold your jewellery in your hand and stare at the candle. Repeat your intention over and over until your “feel” your jewellery is fully charged with your intention.  You may feel it tingle, vibrate or become warm. Don’t worry if you don’t feel anything, it doesn’t mean that the magick isn’t working.
9.    Forcefully state:  “It is Done!  So Mote it Be!”

Open your Circle by turning counter-clockwise three times and envisioning the bubble of protection thinning, becoming misty then disappearing.

©Rowan Morgana 2012