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Goddess Anuenue


ORIGIN: Polynesia

 Anuenue is Hawaii’s Lady of the Rainbow and spirit of rain, sister of Kane, Ku, and Lono.  She is a messenger of the spirits, and especially as a liaison between the spirits of Tahiti and Hawaii. She has domination over the Menehune, who may be dwarf spirits or the people inhabiting Hawaii before the arrival of taller people from French Polynesia.  Anuenue is a kind, friendly, benevolent Goddess who once saw a child fall from a high cliff and sent a rainbow to cushion his fall so that he landed safely.  Anuenue is beloved by modern healers, especially those working with transmission of energy and the healing power of color.

 MANIFESTATION:  The rainbow or as a beautiful woman wrapped in rainbow colors.

 SACRED AREA:  The Manoa Valley in Oahu is her home and playground.


Source: Encyclopedia of Spirits by Judika Illes