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Meeting your Darkness Meditation

Take a few deep breaths and relax your body.  Bring your awareness to the top of your body, starting at your head, and give yourself permission to relax.  As you breathe, release any tension.  Move from your head and neck into your shoulders and arms.  Relax and feel all the tension melt away.  Relax your chest and back.  Feel waves of relaxation move down your spine.  Relax your abdomen, lower back, and hips.  Relax your legs, down to your ankles and feet.  Feel the waves of relaxation sweep all that doesn’t serve your highest good out through your fingers and toes, grounding and neutralizing this unwanted energy into the Earth, transforming it like the earth turns fallen leaves into new soil.

    Relax your mind.  Release any unwanted thoughts and worries as you exhale.  Relax your heart and open it to the love of the Goddess and God.  Relax your soul, and follow your inner light, guidance and protection..


    In your mind’s eye visualize the great World Tree, a gigantic tree reaching up to the heavens and deep below the earth, larger than any tree you have ever seen.  It is a sacred tree, and you may recognize it as oak, ash, pine, willow or any other tree that has meaning for you.  Hear the wind through its branches.  Smell the earth where its roots dig in.  Feel the texture of the bark.  Simply know the tree is there and it will be.  The tree is ever present and everywhere.

    Imagine the screen of your mind’s eye is like a window or doorway, a portal you can easily pass though.  Step through the screen and stand before the World Tree.  Look up and feel its power.  Touch the tree and place in it the intention of meeting the darkness that resides inside you.

    Look around the base of the tree or in its roots until you find a passageway.  It may be a hole or tunnel, or even a pool of water that gives you entry into the tree.  As you enter, you find yourself in a tunnel, winding and spiraling.  At the end of the tunnel you feel fresh air, and you move towards it and step out onto a path.  It is dusk and it takes your eyes a moment to adjust to the darkness.

    As you walk along the path, you see before you, a large stone door…………………….
    And you begin to walk towards it until you reach the door ……………….

    The door is large and heavy.  You push it open and enter into a dimly lighted room, lit by a magickal glow coming from the walls….and you can make out a place to sit in the room.

    You sit down, and the room becomes very dark.  You have no fear as you know you are in a sacred and protected space…..

    As you sit, you become aware of a presence in the room........a female presence. You realize that it is an aspect of yourself........she is your Dark Side.

    She shows you memories of the past, or perhaps present feelings of negativity and your own darkness.  Open your heart and allow yourself to feel fully what your dark side feels like....... You may feel an initial aversion to it, but just be there with the darkness and allow it in......  Allow yourself to feel all the emotions associated with these memories, negativity and your own darkness.  Long pause
    Your dark self shows you something that she is holding……….something glowing in a muted red colour. As the glow becomes more visible, you realize that she is holding Love.

    Your Dark Aspect begins to gently pour the Love over you...... As She does this, you no longer feel the emotions associated with the begin to feel completely loved and full.  Pause

    You begin to see that your darkness is a necessary part of what has shaped you, and what has influenced your lightness. Without the dark there would be no balance.  Pause

    When she finishes you realize that the space you are in is no longer quite as dark.

     As your Dark Side prepares to depart, she gives you a message.  Something to carry with you when you return to your waking world.  When she has finished, she slowly fades away, into the air.  Pause

    It’s time to leave this place…..time to return……and so you rise and walk back over to the door through which you entered this place……letting it close gently behind you.

      You walk back along the path…..back through the tunnel.............until you are standing before the World Tree.
    Step back through the screen of your mind’s eye, and let the World Tree gently fade from view.

© Rose 2015