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Dark Moon in Cancer Meditation


You are beside a tidal pool on a warm midsummer beach.  You are surrounded by beach grass and if you look hard enough you see your grounded self among the grasses.  You are saved. 

Back beside the pool, you realize that you are a crab, walking by the edge of the water. 

Notice everything you can about your crab body.  Notice the hardness of your shell, the large, hard sharp front claws, the strong legs, and the weak secondary legs. 

Because you are a magickal crab, you will see what your shell represents to you and how it helps you and how it hinders you. 

Now look inside.  Because you are a magickal crab, you can see inside yourself.  See the soft white meat and the hard crunchy bones.  Feel the softness.  See what parts of you are in the soft whiteness and what helps you and what hinders you.

 As you center your awareness into your crab wholeness, see another crab approach you, to teach you. 

Ask the other crab to tell you what it sees about you and your crab-ness.


When it is time, look down at your pincers and see a gift for your crab teacher.    Give the gift. 

Your crab teacher will give you a gift.  Take it. 

When it is time, say goodbye to the crab teacher, and walk back beside the water.

  Breathe deeply – breathe deeply again.  On the third breath, open your eyes, back in the here-and-now in your human body.


Meditation from Sisters of the Dark Moon, by Gail Wood