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Blessed Be My

Blessed be my mind, that it be clear of all distractions. Focused on its sacred purpose.

Blessed be my eyes, that they see without judgment, and that they see my correct path.

Blessed be my lips, that they speak with strength, beauty, kindness and truth.

Blessed be my voice, that it be clear and strong and that it not shake in fear from adversity or closed minds.

Blessed be my heart, that I always have love and compassion for myself and others.

Blessed be my arms, that they carry my burdens with strength and ease.

Blessed be my hands, that they work and create with purpose, steadily and honorably.

Blessed be my knees, that they not tremble with fear when hardships come my way.

Blessed be my feet, that they do not waver, but walk on the sacred path of light with surefootedness and purpose.

by Moonwater SilverClaw