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Animal Protection Charms

Animal Candle Protection Spell

Find or make a candle shaped or carved to look like your animal, then carve the animal’s name and identifying information on the candle.  Add protective runes or other symbols and anoint with Protection Oil. You may either burn the candle or maintain it permanently as an ongoing protection spell.

Animal Image Protection Spell

Paint protective runes, hieroglyphs or other symbols on a picture of your pet.  Anoint with protection oil and keep in a safe, discreet spot. 

Protect Domestic Animals from Harm

  • Build your barn near birch trees or plant birch trees near it.
  • Adorn birch trees with red and white ribbons.
  • Surround the barn or paddock with lilies and primroses.
  • Bury a hatchet, blade side up under the barns’s threshold so that the animals must walk over it to enter the barn.
  • Place or draw horseshoes over the barn door.
  • Keep a piece of real silver in a dish or a bucket of water.  Once a week sprinkle the animals with the water then replace with fresh water.
  • Charge a small metal image of the animal with your desire for protection and attach it to the animal as appropriate, on the collar or halter etc.
  • Burn elecampane roots, mugwort and S. John’s Wort to protect animals.
  • Hang bunches of mugwort on gates and field boundaries to protect the animals.
  • Hang purple loostrife in the barn to create harmony and happiness amongst the animals.
  • Pour boiling water over red clover, cool and strain then sprinkle your animals to keep them healthy and thriving.
  • To protect a foal, place a pinch of rue and a pinch of wormwood in a small red charm bag and attach it to the foal’s mane.
  • Braid your horse’s mane and tail into 13 braids each, adding straw, red ribbons, bells, or rowan twigs to the braids.

Source : The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells - Judika Illes

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